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there's not much else, i can do for you
Saturday, April 24, 2010

today, was an uneventful day.
actually i don't know what to call it. 
last night, 
i felt the urge to lie on the grass in front of the state library (Melbourne central)
and just read all of my book, alone. :)
that was the plan until, i woke up around 10am, and looked outside
crappy weather, very windy but their was still a little bit of sun,
i finished getting ready around 1:30pm, 
 i had to get back to sunshine around 3pm to meet up w/ Tammy & Jenny.
which sucks, cause i arrived @ the city around 2:25pm, 
and i only had like 20 mins before i had to go back D:
which meant the plan went down the drain, 
so i just walked around, saw beautiful models, smoking - damn their so captivating
didn't make it back in time, came back around 3:40ish but no biggie.

 oyeah, and i saw the dude from Australia's Got Talent; (last year), David Splatt today
his the musical saw dude, he had me in awe :)
his pretty short in real life, he reminded me so much of Edward Scissors-hand
seriously search up, them two - some similarities.

watch this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqsAVhRNPN0

anyways, glee is coming back 
this thursday, i love watching it, but im not a huge fan, but it's entertaining.
i'm a gleek 8)

& i bought a bracelet today, it's a silver studded one, 
punkish, but i like it.

& check out this picture, from a Coachella (music festival) event.

at least i'm not that crazyyy, but extremely inspiring :)

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