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sneaking out late, tappin' on your window
Friday, April 23, 2010

what a grotty day, 
had cross country in a really dusty area, 
yuck my face had absorb so much dirt, i'm expecting more pimples tomorrow :L 
i ended up walking in the 1.5 km thing, w/ Katherine. 
i'm so unfit these days, i would've died if i ran 3km.
& the lucky thing is i didn't get told off nor a detention
for my improper shoes & multicolour bracelets, 
about my nails: i changed my mind & decided to try some nail art 
i painted hearts on all fingers in pink & red, 
some came out horrible, some came out good (Y)

pretty embarrasing, 
kick ass :D
primary colours & apparently i look better on the right side. 
(if that makes any sense)

 cringe to the max*

well heres for the cheapos (nothing wrong about them, i am one)
i got this in the mail today, :D 
it's a voucher for jayjays &5 off, if you buy something over $25 
good enough deal?
read the terms & conditions :)

this was on my daily horoscope today:

Where the love planet Venus goes, love follows…
This weekend, Venus moves into your first house of self and image, where she'll stay for around four weeks. This is a wonderful Venus cycle for you - Venus is the planet of love, luxury, beauty and all things gorgeous. To have her in your sign means it's Your Turn to start feeling her charms. Singles can expect to have more admirers than usual. Couples who've been feeling less than their best should find it easy to find ways to rediscover the romance. And whether you're single or attached, you can expect to feel a lot more loved and even downright popular over the next few weeks. Those in problematic relationships are not promised an Instant Cure but (a) you should find more time to work on your relationship and (b) you should find it easier to negotiate your way to at least some kind of agreement. Appearance-wise, this is The Moment Of The Year to invest in a haircut, some new clothes, whatever it takes, to make you feel more worship-worthy. Venus, planet of love and beauty, passes through your sign but once a year - make the most of her visit. You are currently, officially, The Sign Most Gorgeous.
 looks like i should seriously buy new jeans asap!

how mad is this tattoo & picture, 
can you guess what message it's trying to deliver.
hahah, love it. 
wooot, long weekend, cause' of anzac day
a to the w to the e to the s to the o to the m to the e. 

 ps. if you're wondering what site i use to get most of my photos it's weheartit

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