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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

finally, i decided to post, been cbfing hardcore. 
Today i slept till 12pm, then ate lunch 
then got ready to go watergardens, 
bussed to tammy's house which took 1 hour, arrived around 3pm 
Trained to Watergardens, saw Cathy & Amber :)
Explored around, we 'bought' some lipsmackers 
i chose the cotton candy one which btw doesn't taste like cotton candy
it tastes/smells like all girly stuff combined into the lip balm. 
Tammy chose watermelon -yumm-
Around 5pm, we walked to Sydenham library, 
i returned my old book the one in this post
i never quite finished reading it, started to bore me i guess. 
i borrowed another book titled 'massive'

heres the blurb:

"I'm fat," I hear myself saying. I look in the mirror. My face has gone hot and red; I feel like I'm going to explode. "I'm fat." It sizzles under my skin, puffing me up, pushing me out, making me massive.
Weight has always been a big issue in Carmen's life. How could it not? Her mom is obsessed with the idea that thin equals beautiful, thin equals successful, thin equals the way to get what you want. Carmen knows that as far as her mom is concerned, there is only one option: be thin.
When her mother sweeps her off to live in the city, Carmen finds that her old world is disappearing. As her life spirals out of control Carmen begins to take charge of the only thing she can — what she eats. If she were thin, very thin, could it all be different?

update on my phone issue**
i called the lost&found around 1:50, the man said they didn't receive any 
samsung phones, yesterday :(
but he was cool, made me have hope, 
he was like 'don't give your hopes us, call back tomorrow' 
please oh please

perhaps i might change my blogspot layout tomorrow, maybe maybe

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