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shes's sugar sweet :)
Sunday, April 11, 2010

yesterday, i cbf blogging about my day, 
which brings me here. 

i hate the fact i dont have a phone anymore, which means i have no alarm to wake me up 
waittttt, i got my clock, but it's not the same :(
woke up around 10:15 
rushed like crazy, had to be @ cathy/jenny's house by 11
was eating my brekkie, in the car. :D 
haven't seen Vivian in ages, since she lives in Adelaide. 
this is her blog, check it out. 

we took train to the city, i had $30 :D 
hmm, i bought 
a singlet, 2 shoulder bags - one red chain one & a electric blue envelope one. 
a rose type beaded, white bracelet, 
& a pretty vintage photo album. 
i love it, thats pretty awesome getting all those things, for just $30. 

i'm not usually the type to scribble out features, but this one needed it

i'm gonna go big w asap, to print out pictures for my photo album, 
i'll select them, after this post :)

 i loveeeeeee <3

urghhh, school on Tuesday how very gay,
holidays went by so quick :L
i'm not ready - i hate mathhhs,

background music:
Sugar Sweet - Sing It Loud
once again, i love the chorus (L)

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