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seriously phones dislikes me :(
Thursday, April 8, 2010

i got over the phone issue,
i told my mum about it, she was in a good mood, so everything turned out fine. 
No telling off, No yelling :)
But looks like i won't be getting a new phone + sim until i can afford it w/ my own money 
which is like next year = job 

i'm nearly done with my art painting :D
3/4 done just need to do the floor/ground level. 
 probably gonna do it tomorrow, if i don't have any plans 
man, 5 more days till holidays end :(
i'm not ready to begin another term of school 
Term 2 is the longest out of the whole 4 terms of the school year.

i remember the times i use to love asking for piggyback rides, 
i use to crave it - how retarded :L
Yay, Cougar Town on tonight then How i Met Your Mother . 
& i'm back to playing Facebook games, i couldn't handle the fact of things dieing
and how i have to help something in order to be high level 

background music:
All For You - The Secret Handshakes 
i like the chorus ;)

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