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Party in Your Bedroom
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*sigh, first day back to school, beginning of term 2 D:
was alright, i couldn't sleep at night, 
my sleeping pattern is so wrecked, i usually sleep around 1 or 2 on holidays 
i was probably lying in bed for like 2 hours. 
In the morning, i woke up @ 7 :)
got ready, didn't arrive late (A)
boy, do i love the winter uniform nowadays. 
Got 1 homework, that i will complete while watching television. 
I'm so into watching crime shows these days, especially the mentalist, criminal minds
but excluding law & order, that show drags on from the Earth to the Moon.

I'm currently watching Australia's got talent, 
my friend was on, it was with the dance group 'Kstar' 
They were the first performance showed on the show, 
& they got through, no x's, man shes so cute. 
I may show a video of it, soon. 

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