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pack all my things & get my ass out of town
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

so yesterday cbf blogging anything, cause i studied hardcore for maths test. 
then yeah, well when it was time for the maths test. 
i was looking through all the questions and my mind went blank,
i basically forgot most of the chapter, lucky i had 2 cheat sheets :L 
probably be getting my results back next week :)
(epic fail)
it sucks having P.E before a test, i was a sweating bitch after playing lacrosse,
i don't know why i feel like, i HAVE to blog every single day.

her scissors wrist tattoo is hot assss :)

i want like 1 dreadlock on the right side behind my ear,
 i think that's the longest hair area, :/
i don't know, i'm feeling random, but maybe someday in the future 
& is it possible to have a permanent plait? :L 

I've always liked Mary-Kate Olsen better than Ashley Olsen, 
she's more mysterious,inspiring and more of a risk taker,
i wouldn't consider her my style icon, 
the people that i love their style are Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port.

how attractive are skateboarders & guys who wear vans?
LOL, *drools

i have more camp photos, :D
i'll post them tomorrow,

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