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overload of chocolate.
Sunday, April 4, 2010

This morning, i failed at waking up early for church. 
i came like 20 mins late like which is like 9:50 D;
It was so packed today, i knew it would be since only one mass for today.
&&&& fucken daylight saving 
argh, i need sleep and sucks going out during the night-time, 
since, its wayyyy darker.

I decided, to go Cindy's house for Easter.
Most weirdest way, i spent Easter in my whole entire life. 
We went to her local IGA, bought easter eggs. 
Man, they are so chocolate-ty but yumm. 
Then we met Tammy aswell, we wanted to go different parks, 
first her closest park, then bussed back to Braybrook went to a park there. 
Then went home, and do secretive things.

i'm thinking to do like a 'character' list, like since i write all my friend's names in posts. 
& probably you have no idea who they are,
 i should like put a picture of them, then their names. 
sound like a good idea to you?
check back later, or tomorrow.

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