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nom nom nom
Thursday, April 1, 2010

  Finished watching Ellen just over 30 minutes ago, 
Miley Cyrus was on the show
gosh, she has grown up so fast. She's pretty as now, her hair is gorgeous.
Man, i need new JEANNNNNNS, for the upcoming winter. 
Just gotta save up, and hope i find the perfect one.
But, i'm still infatuated by skirts.  
i remember the old times, i use to hate wearing skirts/shorts.
Now, i basically live in them. 
tomorrow, i'm gonna go alittia's joint, 
i haven't seen her since forever. 
well since 18/03, wow thats super duper long. 
We're gonna watch youtube hairstyle tutorials, then take pictures. 
Probably on facebook, then i'll post it here ;o
I wanna watch how to train your dragon in 3D. 
Since she's like my 3D/Cartoon buddy, 
i've watched Up 3D, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D, and Astro boy with her. :D
i'll arrange us to watch it like next week.

My folders, are clustered with to many pictures. 
So i may, during this week include loads of pictures. 
to make more space for other things. 

actually, i'll make a new post just for my pictures. 

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