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new layout :)
Thursday, April 8, 2010

changed, my layout 
i got sick of the other one, 
i did heaps of editing, this was the one i downloaded

update on my lost phone :@
so, my phone is gone forever, no way to get it back 
 i decided to call my number just a couple minutes ago, 
this 'nice sounding girl' picks up, says hello /starts to say i cant hear you
then i was like dude, you're talking w/ my phone, 
then shes like this is a hair salon phone its been with us for a long time 
-hangs up-
clearly its my fucken number. 

That bitch, can go rot in fucken hell
sad lowlife, who cant afford her own phone 
what a conniving girl, who lied about bringing it to a information centre. 
far man, shes such a whoreface. 

i would give you the number, to call her buttttt 
karma will hit her in the face 20 times harder, 
and she could use stuff against me like 
calling all my contacts on the contact list.
which i don't want to effect my friends.

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