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let this be merry christmas
Monday, April 12, 2010

it feels so weird to blog twice a day or even more, :D 
but whatevs. 
Tomorrow, i think im gonna start wearing my winter uniform 
even though you don't have to, until 2 weeks within term 2.
Maybe tomorrow, i won't wear stockings but wear white socks instead,

i still love florals, even though their not 'in' anymore + its autumn

after school, im gonna go to watergardens w/ my close friends,
just go buy things,
hopefully, i wont have any homework
so i won't be behind on anything.

I for one, is a fan of Justin Bieber,
he has a great voice, even though it's girly,
so muchhhhh people bag him, especially facebook groups :L
But, his a talented boy.
I love the Jonas Brothers aswell :D

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