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i'm in a magic show, then you disappear
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i'm getting use to going school now, 2 months to go till end of term :(
school, was a bludge, cause' i was tired from having p.e in period 1&2 & cbf-ed everything. 
After school, i went to State Library w/ Tammy, to do homework. 
I only had 2 sheets to do, finished 1 of it, but i didn't understand the maths one. 
Lucky tomorrow, is the last day of school for the week, 
On Friday, is Student Free day, the teachers have to do some meeting crap, 
yay, long weekend :D

alright, the last post w/ the link to the kstar thing, 
it might not work, cause i think you need a mutual friend. 
I found a Youtube one, 
here you go ;)

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