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i do what it takes, to touch the sky
Sunday, April 25, 2010

if you follow heaps of fashion blogs like me, i recommend 
you make an account on Bloglovin'
Since i started it yesterday it made it more easier to read all the blogs i love, 
very easy to use :)
For the people that i follow that is reading this right now.
I stopped following you on blogger, instead i followed you on Bloglovin'
so don't worry, i'm still reading your posts :D

i just finished reading the book Massive - Julia Bell
remember in this post 
i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was just more 21st century :)
unlike this book, in this post
time to borrow a new book 8)
since today is Anzac day;
i just wanna thank the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps, 
who fought for our country during World War 1. 
Rest in Peace :)

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