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good afternoon :)
Monday, April 5, 2010

today, im not doing anything special.
i would like to say, i'm gonna do my art homework, 
but i'm not really in the mood to paint.

Since it's nearly gonna be rainy days, 
i should really get a new umbrella, i already have one, 
but i dont really like the print, it's like a white origami print & navy blue background.
it's small enough to fit into my school bag, 
but i've always wanted a rainbow one, that's my first choice.
something like this:

my second choice, would be like a clear one

 yum :D

my last choice is like a printed type of clear one, 

all of these umbrellas are from american brands, lame. 
But i remember seeing a clear one in Duchess for $10, but the bad thing is,
that it's long, i don't think it'll fit in my bag
but oh wells, 
i can make it fit in my school bag :D

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