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fuckkkkkkkkkkk, i'm such an idiot
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

alright, so today. 
woke up @ 8 then met up with cindy, 
decided to go city early in the morning 
i had $20 which is considered to be 'rich', since i usually have around $5/$10 :)

well for $20 i bought a daily bus ticket
then bought a floral printed top in cotton body for
bought a pack of 2 bracelets to add to my bracelet collection from jayjays
then noticed the jayjays phone cover thing was for only
(for those who don't know, its the same as smiggle how they have a phone cover thing)
-$5.00 / theres a catch with this, 
forgot what happened to the rest of the money 
oyeah maccas cone. :D
farrrrrrrrrrrr, i sound so cheapo 
but thats what happens when your a daily broke bitch, 

so back to my title of the post, 
fucken i was on the train back to sunshine station. 
left my phone on my lap 'cause i was waiting for Tammy to text me,
then i put it against the wall of the train, for who knows what reasons. 
Next thing you know, i'm surrounded by busstops 
then i 'grab' out my phone to check what the time is, 
thennnnnnn fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, 
remembered that i left it on the train, 
Cindy called my phone, some women picked up 
and 'sounded super nice' 
she said she'll give it to the information centre in Flinders Station.
We basically came from Flinders to Sunshine then had to go back to Flinders. 
Which is like about 8 stations apart from each other - around 15-20 min ride.
We arrived back there, asked the info centre. 
They told us to go to the LOST&FOUND for trains
we asked if they received any phones today, the man said no 
then blah blah asked for my details, 
i'm gonna call them tomorrow, to see if they got my phone yet.
i'm just so fucken pissed off at myself, how could i be so stupid to forget my phone on the train, and the catch is, i just got my new skin on my phone. 
Then i have to lose it, its some kinda of karma or sign. 

man, i love pokemon

tomorrow, i'm gonna go back to the city with Tammy, to check out if theirs any
other Information Centre & go explore more of Watergardens.
Even though its boring,
anyways, i calmed down about the phone thing 
i think you guys know what my 11:11 wish will be :D

PS- i can't take pics of the items i bought 
due to not owning a camera & misplacing my phone (my phone cant even transmit pictures).


oyeah, i gave up playing facebook games, 
because facebook always seems to remove all my bookmarked games, 
piss me off, it happened like 4 times.
and thats about 10 games i play daily, 
well i think im better off not playing fb games, 
it wastes to much of my internet usage, & it's time consuming.

congrats for reaching the end of this post, i bless you with good luck & happiness :)

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