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don't say it's easy, if you don't mean it
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

school was school :) 
nothing different, except i think my right hand died from copying so 
much notes from the board. grrr, religion. 
my wishes did not come true, 
i have overload of homework, unfair for a young year 8.
& i got my maths test results back 
got 7 and a half out of 40
don't i just suck dragonballzzzz?
19% out of 100%
greattttttttt for my semester report.

i won't be posting until it's the start of May 
cause i'm like a day away from being capped, 
which will be laggy like crazy & x2 net/phone bill.
So yeah enjoy life & be safe while i'm gone.

 jealous like a bitch!

peace & love

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