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apple juice
Saturday, April 3, 2010

whose excited for easter?
i'm not, have to wake up @ 8 or so, to get ready to go church. 
In order to get my $20, i have to sacrifice some sleep.

should, i spend my easter @ home or @ a friend's house.
hmm, not sure.
all depending on my mood tmr :)

naww, his so cute - look @ his top loool, 

i haven't been drinking enough water lately, all i have been drinking is apple juice :D
oyeah, my background music started working again, y to the e to the s - YES!

if your're wondering what the song is:
You're so damn hot - Ok Go
download here

I was watching The O.C Season 1, when this song popped up.
It was for the bit when Ryan first sees Caleb's gf at the time, Gabrielle.
She was getting out of the pool.
Do you recall?

blog tomorrow, bloggers.
hope you guys get heaps of Chocolate Eggs, mmm yum.

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