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ain't gonna try
Saturday, April 3, 2010

well, i can't seem to fix the music player 
stuff it, you guys can just read my blog mute. 
i can here readers saying 'YESSS!'
Probably, you guys didn't even like the music, no need to pause your music player now. 
today, i was suppose to go watergardens w/ tammy. 
i woke up @ 9:40, had a shower, played facebook games, 
until like 11:40ish, i recieved a text from her, saying we're not going due to her sister.
Telling her to go somewhere with her. 
Oh wells, i wanna go back to sleep.
Nap time, around 3 i guess.

last night, i was reading alex evan's blog and nearly died, when he wrote this
i’m sorry guys. i don’t find any interest in writing this blog anymore. it’s been a real pain in the ass the whole time anyway. so this is the last post. to be honest, i’ve been thinking about it for a while, and today seems like the perfect day to do it. now, let’s say our goodbyes, shall we.
but then, he wrote this, 
well, guess what! you’ve been fooled! happy april’s fool!
man, he got me good, i was like ready to take him off my bookmarked list on google chrome.
I feel like an idiot, for falling for that. 

i sure miss, 90210. 
I remember the nights, i watched it during year 6. 
Oh why, did it have to get cancelled off Australian tv.
Just cause they are bad influences, cause' their like anorexic. 
i could watch it online but thats like a free ride to getting capped.
So, i perfer buying the dvd, added in my wants now.
hmm, its out in 05/08. 
That's forever away.

i love reminiscing on my past interests, 
last year i use to love mcfly, nearly had all their songs. 
Until my computer got formatted, lost everything. 
Right now, my music taste is completely different. 
Wow, i have changed. 

 woah, i didn't mean to make this a long post but yeahs,
now time to make a new post, filled with pictures
since im in the blogging mood.

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