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who wants to give me some motivation?
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dudeeee, i'm so lazy 
got maths test tmr, did i tell you last test i got 11/40 OMGOSH, right?
yeah i needa study my arse off in order to get a good enough report. 
but so lazy & so much much more blogs to read. 
just needed some motivation: fuck gg :(

oyeah, the inspiration tab - i changed it again 
to quotes that give me a boost of happiness.
clickity click :)

read this if you can be fucked, just to let you know more about me :D

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: around 160cm :D
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Favorite Band: Indie ones - too many +
Favorite Movie: UP +
Favorite Show: The O.C, The Hills, One tree Hill +
Your Hometown: Safeway
Your Present Town: Melbourne
Your Crushes First Name: -
Your Grade: 8
Your Style: anything you want it to be? ;)

Sat on your rooftop? Not mine, but some building in the city :)
Kissed someone in the rain? Nah
Danced in a public place? Sort of.
Smiled for no reason? Yes ALWAYS!
Laughed so hard you cried? Yep
Peed your pants after age 8? Not that i can remember.
Written a song? I would if i could.
Sang to someone for no reason? Nope
Performed on a stage? Yes, old primary days :(
Talked to someone you don't know? Yeah, course.
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? No.
Made out in a theatre? No
Been in love? Not yet.

Say HI to you? Amy, 
Tell you, I love you? Tammy
Hug you? Max?
Tell you BYE? Tammy
Write you a note? Alittia
Call your cell phone? Mummy.
Buy you something? Cindy
Go with you to the movies? Nancy, Chris & Richard :L
Sing to you? Lisa
Write a poem about you? -
Text message you? Nancy
Touch you? hmmm, Tammy :)

Time you laughed? Couple hours ago.
Time you cried? i think it was last year, watching animal cruelty videos
Movie you watched? Alice In Wonderland
Joke you told? Too lame to tell jokes :D
Song you've sang? Some indie music 8)
Time you've looked at the clock? just now.
Drink you've had? Water
Number you've dialed? Tammy's number.
Book you've read? L.A Candy
Food you've eaten? Rice
Flavor of gum chewed? 5 Gum, the orange yummy one
Shoes you've worn? School shoes.
Store you've been in? Bakery
Thing you've said? meow~

Write with both hands? Yah, but right hand ftw!
Whistle? Fuck no, i've tried but failed.
Blow a bubble? Love bubbbless.
Roll your tounge in a circle? Is that even possible. LOL
Cross your eyes? Nah, heard its bad for you.
Touch your tounge to your nose? Gross, but i wish i could ~
Dance? My body was not created to dance :L
Stay up a whole night without sleep? I can, but dislike it.
Speak a different language? Sure can,
Impersonate someone? i suck though.
Prank call people? Nah, i fail w/ accents.
Make a card pyramid? YEAH, but haven't done it in awhile
Cook anything? yup yup.

If i were a ... princess, you'll be my prince.
I wish ... there was no such thing as homeowork & tests.
So many people don't know that ... i'm not normal.
I am ... gay.
My heart is ... non-existent.

this was off, alice's blog. :D, thanks.

need to fucken read all of the fashion blogs :D. oh so much. 
God, please give me motivation and an awesome test result. 

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