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when the blind fold starts to slip (8)
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

well i actually came home @ 12:30 but to many things to do when you've been 
netless for 2 days.
I'm still effing reading blogs so much to go. 
alright, so i hear you saying you wanna know about camp?

Well it was not as fun as i hoped it would be. 
first day: we had boogie boarding it was so fun. 
The water was so freakin freezing, i'm sick. 
i failed to do anything, i just kept going further from the shore.
second day: went surfing @ around 9 in the morning
even more cold, the waves were so massive.
It's so tiring surfing and i accidentally hit my toe (nail bit)
into my surfboard, then it started bleeding. yuck :(
halfway when i was surfing i cbf too much so just played on the sand (H)
Traveled places, everytime im on the bus to go places i sleep.
Freaken annoying people in my class takes pics of it.
better not be on facebook -glares-

Oyeah i became like a clean freak during camp.
In the showers theres this mop thing, everytime im in there i mop the floors up even if its not that dirty, people were like wtf? since when do you do these things.
LOL, yeah.
I'm just glad to be home, i'll show you guys the camp pics when i get them.

Tomorrow is fucken last day of school, i cbf going school.
I hope my daddy lets me stay home, then i'll sneak out and go movies or beach with Tammy during the day. We're such sad waggers :L
Hopefully i can get away with it.
Then Friday is Parent Teacher's Interview, i swear i better get a good progress report.
I doubt it, but i still have hope.
I pray to the lord.

why the hell is the 'add image' thing changed.
omgosh, have to find old pics from my blog ages ago.
gosh, it better be back to normal soon.

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My Worst Nightmare - Forever the Sickest Kids

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