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when am i gonna experience this thing, called love?
Sunday, March 28, 2010

guess what? i bet you readers don't know i have a wide vocabulary i just don't show it. 
After, this paragraph i shall write like a smartarse.
I believe i swear tooo much that it's almost bogan :(
I'm gonna try to reduce it, but i will say/write it when it is necessary.

In the humid afternoon, i was waiting for Tammy to go on msn. 
To see, if she has woken up from her sleep.
We cancelled going beach due to the everchanging weather.
When i finished getting ready, i bussed to her house. 
Have you ever tried reading books on buses? time literally flies by so rapidly.
People look at me like "wow, you read books"
i may dress older for my age, can tend to look slurry & look like a dopeyarse.
i dislike the flaw of judging people that you don't know personally
i admit i am sometimes one of them, but im improving :)
I hanged out with Tammy in her room, we talked in the rain, went to IGA to buy coke. 
Cuteish muzza that works there :D
Then i had to take bus back to attend beloved church.
i'm currently reading this book / the cover/title reminds me of Taylor Swift.

so far it's not that captivating, i've read up to chapter 4. :D
Time to watch Cougar Town online, since i missed last week's episode. 
i basically only turn on the television nowadays is to to watch Cougar Town, im so cool :)

PS.Vivian, i consider you as my cousin too :)
Can't wait till you come Melbourne. 

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