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welcome, to my new layout :)
Saturday, March 27, 2010

i wanttttttttttttttttt 

like like like? (referring to my layout)
I think i got to sick of the other one. 
Too lovey dovey for me, need something more agro :L
but probably gonna change it, since im not really into 
plain black & white, i perfer COLOUR, COLOUR.

yeah, i have a sudden urge to go vintage shopping 
or what americans like to call it 'thrifting'.
like go to vinnies, or salvation army, to find one offs, and unique things. 
i know i sound cheap, but i dont care. :)
everyone knows the saying:
'someone else's trash could be someone's treasure'
something like that :D
im excited - tomorrow, i shall go. 

last week, i was @ rushall station - northern side i think. 
there was this quote writen in liquid paper on a platform.
i was laughing at it for some reason :L 
Isn't even funny, I've heard this quote a few times already.
The world is your oyster
i had a power nap, around 4 till 7 something, since i didnt get enough sleep. 
Cause of the gay 9:40 parent teachers interview. 
Now, i dont feel sleepy at all. :D
 Its like 12:23am.

 hippy-fied, fucken love this shit.

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