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my gosh
Saturday, March 6, 2010

last night, around 6 
i went to have a shower, then i knew my friend was gonna call me
to catch up on a whole load of shit. Since i havent spoken to her since Monday.
She called me around 7ish 
this is how it went 

tammy: hey thao 
thao: heyyy :)
tammy: you wanna 'explore the world' tonight
thao: what right now :O
tammy: yeah, we need to talk 
thao: where is there to explore
tammy: i dont know, anywhere :D

LOLOLL, asked my mum if i could go she freaken raged, i kept begging and begging. 
She ended up letting me go. Left my house around 7:30pm
Waited for the bus to catch to Footscray & then took another bus to her house. 

We decided to go hang out in the city, i love the city @ night. 
Yeah we talked about all the dramatic shit at State Library. 
It was awesome, these like roller skaters guy were such a distraction but anyways. 

I found out that my mum usually only rages at me cause shes worried about me going home and shit. I came home like @ midnight :O, lucky everyone was sleeping. 

fuck yeah, night to remember

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