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i love you. but..
Saturday, March 13, 2010

about my day, i went highpoint in the arvo. 
Watched Dear John, dude i liked it. 
Wasn't the best. Wasn't the worse. 
It's not that sad, from time to time my eyes went teary, but no actual tears.

Oyeah, my friend called around 15 mins at the end of the movie.
I never turn off my phone, so it rang, I picked it up. 
I had to whisper -hello-
Could'nt hear anything, so handed it to my friend. 
Kept whispering hello, and hello over and over. 
Called me twice, called my friend once. 

Somehow after the phonecall, we started laughing hardcore. 
I couldnt stop, LOL, i bet the people was like shutup -in their heads-
we had no idea why we were laughing so hard. 
We're so retarded.

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