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i could be the last thing you see (8)
Thursday, March 11, 2010

well well well, school was such a drag UNTILLLLLLLLLLL, *drum roll*.
drama ;D
i hate drama, but watching Romeo & Juliet, just makes me look forward to Drama. 
Watched the last half, since last week we watched all of the first half. 
I love that movie except the way they talk, well its a play. 
But seriously, poetic talking. Can't understand jack shit.

Why was Leonardo Dicaprio, so gorgeous, back then but so oogly now. 
LOL, yeah fucken love it. 

i want all the rings & bracelets :(

After school, i went to State Library.
I was planning to do my english but meh, got another week to go. 
So i did my art which was dued tmr. 
Didn't finish, cbffffff. 
Yeah well, they dont let you bring big bags in, so me & Tammy had our school bags. 
We had to rent a locker, it was only $1 for '2 hours' 


when we came back to reopen our locker, it was 7:25. 
We thought we were late, since its only 2 hour, and we rented the locker around 5:25. 
Then i saw this sign that said ' $1 locker for 4 hours'
like wtf, they should update their machines. 
SO now we know for next time. 

college athletics day, exactly in a week. 
Yummy older guys :P

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