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heys, guess what? i'm stress free. Well sorta :)
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

days like this, i love life. 
welll todayyyyy, oyeah maths test it wasnt that hard. 
But still left out heaps of questions. 
getting results back on friday, so check back on friday night. 

Yeah, don't have that much homework. 
Got a test on the Vikings tmr, gotta study soon D:

About my day, i stayed back after school w/ Alittia to do homework after school. 
Finished my Religion brochure, yayers. 
i'm such a nerd, borrowed 2 books :D
Of course i'll read it. 

Then when the school library closed, i walked to Safeway w/ Tammy.
Just so you know when i say Safeway - its not just Safeway. 
Theres clive peeters, gift shop, spotlight, tattslotto, charcoal chicken, hairdressers, Chemist. 
So basically it's a small shopping center. That bores me to death nowadays. 
Since me & Tammy like went EVERYWHERE in the west side. 
Lame, right. 
I wanna like move to a different area, and start a new adventure.
yeah, Tammy is such a fun person to be with, we have so many memorable moments.

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