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happy birthday mary :)
Sunday, March 14, 2010

o my o my. 
Today i woke up @ 9:30 idk, just did. 
Was in the mood to clean out my wardrobe. 
Now, its all nice & neat. 

Around 12:30 i was waiting for a bus to catch it to Sunshine Station. 
Tammy left around same time as me. 
And what are the odds, of getting on the same bus as her. 
I stepped on the bus, and was so happy to see her :D. 

Got to sunshine station, waited for 216 to catch to Kayla's house. 
I swear man, i hate SUNDAY TIMETABLE. 
so crap, every 30 mins or a hour. 
fucken hell. 
we were waiting for the 216 but it didn't come. 
So we were like fuck it, lets walk it. 
(Since she lives near Sunshine station), not that close but yeah. 
On the way, we fucken saw a dead cat. 
So disgusting, its body looks like a possum. 
But Tammy said it had a cat face D:

When we arrive to Kayla's we just ate & talk. 
Nothing much to say. 

It was around 5:30, we were on our way back to go church. 
Caught the 408 but then realise it is going to St Albans, so got off. 
In a middle of no where LOL, just sunshine. 
But never been in that area. 
Picked up scattered Scouts stickers. LOL

SO we basically walked from sunshineish to Church. 
Took us like 20-30 mins, we were dead shit. 

congrats if you actually, read that. 
appreciate it :)

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