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going out tmr :D
Saturday, March 13, 2010

oyeah, forgot to say 
usually sunday is my homework day. 
But my friend wants me to go out tmr. 
i was gonna say no, until i saw this:

Sunday March 14 - Moon into Pisces
Moon Meditation: "Use your Sunday well!…"
Sunday looks fairly cruise-y as the Moon moves through dreamy Pisces and makes a harmonious link to Pluto and then meet Mercury. Sundays are of course marvellous for lying around in recovery mode after the week that was but the skies today are excellent for catching up with friends, doing some deep thinking, talking to someone about your feelings, or for anything connected to dreams, yoga, music and meditation. Also a great day to while away in the movie theatre - but make sure it's not a violent movie!

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