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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

today, i had mix feelings, i'll explain that somewhere in the post. 
Today is Leanne's/Cindy's party, it consisted of eating at a restaurant > beach > movies. 
but we didn't end up watching a movie though.
I was so tired, 'cause i had to wake up @ 7:30 to pick Cindy up from Sunshine. 
Then -insert unneeded information-.
The party, was overall alright. 

Its just my tiredness that caused me to be a moody bitch. 
i hate mood swings. 
I gave monotone answers, no enthusiasm in my voice. 
i just kinda regret going, and i've been thinking hardcore during these hours. 
Since i arrived home, something just gotta change.
I really don't know, what that is right now.
gosh, feel like an emotional wreck atm.
-tears wanting to rush out-

 i reckon, i should've all along followed my horoscope, that predicted my day.
Focusing on your friends and their needs is a wonderful thing. No one could every criticise you for not being selfish - except perhaps the current Full Moon in your 5th House of Self-expression. If you know you've been thinking about others a lot and instead need to focus a little more on you and your own needs to express yourself, then the Full Moon now is all the astrological excuse you need to be a little bit selfish and focus on yourself, also on your kids and any creative projects you have bubbling. Go on, you know you want to! 
 i was just outside before, looking @ the full moon. 
Then remembered back to the scene, in Dear John. 
How John was like 'wherever you are, the moon is never as big as your thumb'
something like that, i tried. 
I guess its true. 

i reckon tomorrow, i should go out to somewhere i can 'think', alone. 
And just relax & think some more. 
Maybe the city, Maybe the beach, Maybe the park. 

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