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Friday, March 26, 2010

well im starting out my holidays really shitly. 
Last night, went out city w/ tammy. 
LOL, freaken went coles shopping @ 10pm at night. 
Just bought junk to eat in front of the state library - grass thingo. 
The weather was awesome @ night, not to warm not to cold. 
We just needed to catch up since i havent seen her since sunday. 
:D, i fucking love how free we are, we get to go out wherever, whenever.
Got the last 220 sunshine bus which was around 11:40, got home like 12:20. 
Pretty scary, but fun :)

Today, i might go highpoint but cbfffffffffffffff. 
I wanna stay home and just d/l music and watch dvds :)

I went to my parent teachers interview today, it was all fine. 
i got:
religion education - very high
english - high
mathematics - medium
health & pe - medium
italian - medium
science - medium
civics and citizenship - high
history - very high
drama - very high
art - high

i need to improve in all the medium subjects :)
lucky term 1 is not that important. 
It's gonna get crazy in Term 2. 
Since its Semester 1 report. 
im scared. :(

happy holidays <3

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