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Thursday, March 4, 2010

grrr, i'm so pissed @ myself 
owhy owhy owhy 
do i have to spend so much money
i need it right now;
i just had the sudden urge to buy the city season 1 & the hills season 5 part 1 
( i know i already mentioned it)
but just seeing it in kmart's new catalouge and for a cheap price. 
makes me so angry at myself 
why cant i just save money, like a proper person!
fuck my life :@

i'll just be patient & wait until the money comes, 
its not like the dvd is gonna go anywhere. 
it'll be here for a lifetime. 
i hate debts. 
i own my brother like $67.00 atm. 
life's so hard. 

& i feel like a fucking slushie. 
i sound so suicidal, dont i? 
LOL, well i calmed down 
& may God help me to control my money use :D

today @ school, it went so fast!
even though maths test is just around the corner. 
i dont feel stressed anymore. 
oyeah, & 2 movies i really wanna watch are out now.
how am i gonna get money to watch it?
the 2 movies is 'alice in wonderland' & dear john'

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