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no words can explain
Monday, February 1, 2010

fuck man where do i start~

that day, i went to Sandra'a house at like 1 we went to highpoint to go school shit. I got everything i needed well not exactly but yeah. Then after all that we were deciding what to do after highpoint, but there was no other place to go except back to her house and bum around.

When we were waiting for the train to catch back to her house, Tammy called me asking me to hang out with her like at that time. She has such good timing just when we finished everything. Sandra went off at her station while i stayed on till i got to Footscray. Tammy called me again and i totally misheard her i thought she said to meet her now but unfortunately i was suppose to meet her at 7:30ish pm. 

Lame, so most shops were closed and full of druggies on the street. I thought that Bubblecup was the safest place. The woman that worked there was really nice she let me use the home phone like 3 times. I had to call my parents not to pick me up at Sandra's instead i'll take transport home at like 11 or 12pm. I tired to keep myself occupied but yeah pretty boring. Since i felt like such a pain in the ass i asked the woman if she needed help but she said no & i asked her to change the channel to 7. i didnt wanna watch gay ABC channel crap. 

Tammy called me again asking if i wanted a sandwich & a jumper. Since we're gonna be staying at the city late it'll get cold and i'll be hungry since i was nearly broke. 
When Tammy arrived we took train to the city it was around 8pm, we were deciding what to do, so we went to State Library, but it was closed so we just sat outside playing with her Mac, oyeah forgot to mention with took 'lookbook' in this sexy graffiti alley, that smelled like piss. -vomit-. Anywhos we were just editing the pics we took, cause we're cool. I ate the sandwich she made which made me full. 

Then we walked to maccas bought some some cold drinks then shared 2 packs of large french fries. fuck i was so full i wanted to vomit.Thinking back why did i do that when i ate a sandwich already. Well anyways we were so lazy, & we wanted to sit upstairs but there was like chairs covering the stairs saying 'cleaning at the moment' someshit like that. We went up, found  a table right in the corner with a view. Bullfuck cleaning tables filled with maccas bags. 

After maccas it was getting dark, it was like around 9. We decided to go Crown, when we went out the flinders way all the gate was close like there was no way out to go out to Crown, we were like fuck. We cbf going the long long long way. So we were like lets climb over the gate. We attempted, we failed. This asian guy walked past and was like 'do you need help' and i was like 'yes please' -places his hands like in the ass position so i can get over' i was like 'err no thanks. Fucken horny cunts in the city these days. Then this businessguy was like 'how do i get in'. We were like 'how do we get out'. We kept talking to him trying to figure out a way. ROFL, he was cool though he was like walk down to check if theres a gate. We walked down then there was straight handle bar. i stood on that put my legs over the fence/gate lucky i was just tall enough, then he was like need help and i was like nah. Then i jumped down, my legs felt like it was gonna break off it didnt seem that far down but it sure felt like it. Then Tammy jumped down and we were like to the guy jump over and he was like nah, i'll get fined, then we like its not like we're not gonna get fined. hopefully not. Damn that was fucken awesome, probably the way i typed it didnt seem awesome but it was, in reality.

We kept talking about it on the way to Crown then when we arrived there, we walked around in awe of the designer shops, we didnt feel like going home. since it was like about 10-11 now. We were like we could sleep in the park or allnighter. We ended up deciding to stay in the city for the whole night, called my parents lied that i was sleeping over Tammy's house which was a success. We went in to designers shop and just try on clothes for fun since we're poor cunts.

After that, we went to the park near Rod Laver Arena just sat on the grass and talk some more since our legs were dead. There was such load bogans across the lake, we avoided them trying to get to a kids playground with 2 hammocks. Just the perfect place to sleep dont you think?. On the way there we saw like 4 massive rats running across everywhere, fuck they were huge. We layed under the stars sharing a hammock lucky Tammy bought an extra jacket and her Mac, so we were just like looking through old pics listening to music. 

30 minutes later it got really cold, like i was wearing short shorts, freezing my arse off. So we wanted to go someplace warm so we thought of like maccas & a 24/7 cafe. It was much better we ate BLT (bacon,lettuce, tomato) burgers from maccas. Then i felt so full like if i ate anymore, i'll vomit. 

We found a seat to sit in talked for like 30 mins, saw this hobo sing & get bagged by bogan partiers. It was like 2:30 by now. So we decided to see if Flinders Station was warm , it was alright then i started getting sleepy since around 3 is when i usually sleep. I layed but i couldnt fall asleep it was so uncomfortable. Just sat up and talk to Tammy more. By now it was like 4 or so we wanted to go somewhere once the tram begun coming. 

So we decided to go South Melbourne beach, since we never been there, The tram arrived around 5:09am, there was a man sleeping there it was so funny. I started screaming Wake Up, gosh im a bitch. Tammy posed in front of him. I wished i had the pic maybe soon. When it came, it only took like 20 mins to reach the beach was is much faster than St Kilda Beach. We made a video on Tammys phone showing proof that we allnightered in the city. Then we were like fuck we should've filmed the whole thing, but no regrets. 

We got back around 6 something the sun was just rising we decided to go home around this time. I waited with tammy for her train. When we said our goodbyes i left to go catch my bus that came @ like 8 something. I waited for like 30 mins or so. suicide, in the cold wind still in short shorts. When i arrived home, i changed clothes, took of my day old makeup. Dived into my bed and slept till 1pm afternoon. So that was like 5 hours of sleep. Gosh i hate allnightering most tiring shizz ever.

Dude, thanks for reading this piece of shit. 
its been in my draft waiting to be published for like 3 days now. 
I tryed to make it as detailed as i can, so you guys can picture it. 
But as days goes past i forget what happen. 

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