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last night, was weird but memorable
Sunday, February 28, 2010

well yeah yesterday, went to city - met up with some friends, it was quite boring so we decided to go to a drink-up shit. Not like hardcore music, crowds of people but just like a small get together thing. Just so you know i have not drinked before so i dont know how my body would react to achohol. LOL, then i drank one! blue cruiser it tasted nice, pretty addicting. Tammy tried to stop me when i was half way done, but i got like retarded and kept drinking. Then later she was like why are you so red. -looks in the mirror- . I was fucking red as, like my eyes my face. Then i felt my head going hot and it started hurting. Remember it was just one cruiser. Hate my body, lame shit. So yeah thats all i drank but i wasnt drunk or anything. So all good. 

After that 'party', we were gonna head to dominos to eat cause we haven't eaten all day it was like about 10:30pm now. Then we ate like pigs, and tried to look out for a cab. Yeah i had to pick between which friend to sleepover her house. I picked Tina cause she was alone and yeah. Went to her place, talked, went on the net, eat & drink then sleep since it was like already 1:30am.

End of my saturday.

time to do my fucking science hw, in cbf mode.

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