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just set them up, to knock them down-n-n
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Man, i love horoscopes i reckon it's like true as & like our life goes according to it. Heres this website that, i reckon is the best click on the pictures of your starsign :). Yeah i totally believe in it, well lately I've been receiving alot of good luck, i hope it keeps coming and coming. Dayum, forgot what i was gonna blog about, lameee hate my brain & 
happy birthday Quynh 

who wants pictures, i want pictures. (fuck im so lame)
maskkkkk ;)

oyeah i just remembered, you know the jokes book from yesterday well my friend read it all and said it was so lame and a waste of 90c, so she let borrow it for trips on transport. 
Since she knows how much i love to read on transport :)

heres a few lame facts (btw its true);
"During your life time, you will eat an average of 70 insectsand ten spiders while sleeping"
"Lack of sleep will kill a person faster than starvation will"
"The most common name in the world is Mohammad"
"You breathe in and out about 23,000 times a day"
"The average human dream lasts 2 to 3 seconds"
"The average person has at least 7 dreams @ night"

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