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i know your favorite songs (8)
Monday, February 22, 2010

After school, went to safeway to kickback, since i havent done that in a while. We were just scanning through Safeway & OMFG did you know that 5 gum has a new flavor out in Australia, fuck yeah watermelon flavor *drools to the max. Didnt end up buying since im a poor cunt. It's called 'tempest', pinkish, redish box, for some reason i cant find it on Google. Just go safeway/woolworths. 

Well anyways was walking pass this section with children books with titles like 'jokes', 'facts' something like that i have a memory of a goldfish. We were looking through it. I remember one of the facts, was like 'did you know that more people in China talk English than USA'. Like wtf?!, Made us laugh and look retarded, a women behind us probably heard i read it, and she was like smiling. :). I looked at the price and it was like 90c each, and i was like are you fucking serious. But the thing is i dont have my wallet with me. 

The good thing was i live near safeway like really close prob 3 min walk, so my friend waited for me @ safeway i was walking back on to the main road home then i turned a corner and omfg, jack trinh, so i was like crap speed walk to my friend. Just so you know i dont have any kind of crush with this guy i just reckon his cute. LOL, fuck im dead if someone that reads my blogs know this guy. Yeah ran home ran back. Bought the books. 

Oyeah i was hungry crap, and i saw yummy wedges but i only have $2.20 left, and the guy was like so nice he was like this was $4, i'll make it $2.50 then i was like i cant afford that. Then he let me give him $2.20 he was like better not be lieing than i said i love you and shit, cause his cool. 

Back to that Jack guy, he was w/ his friend, me and my friend were just pigging out eating that yummy wedges, then they walk out like 30 mins later (exaggerating), sat in some other seat, walked past them to my friends busstop. They are like fucking stalkers followed us but to a different busstop around the corner. Nah, thats hot.

damn thats the most longest post in forever.

4 days of school, then weekends yayers. 

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