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happy valentines day & happy Chinese new year!
Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday i went to Cindy's house then got ready to go highpoint to watch Valentines Day.
We came in late cause we were fatasses buying kfc, maccas etc.
When we came in, the beginning credit was just starting but when we looked around most of the seats are taken. We finally found 2 seats, when we sat down we started eating kfc, the smell was so strong but anyways
the movie is quite good, enjoyable enough but made me realise i have noone (as in a guy)
i give the movie 3 out of 5, but i missed some parts due to going toilet numeruous of times. 

At night, i went to this night 'chinese new year festival' at this temple that i live close to. 
There was alot of familiar faces, lots of asian hotties. It was pretty packed but the rides was lame. Since theres this ride called Kamikaze that i've seen @ all the fest i've been to. Me and my friend Tammy, decided to go. Of course i was a poor cunt, so she shouted me. 
follow her tumblr: clicky click
She shortly went home around 10 something, so it was just me & cindy. 
We walked everywhere. It was so tiring. 
Saw lots of fireworks. 
Got dead & tired. 
Went home @ 1
tiring shizzz. 

Back to today. 
I'm just gonna stay home and read blogs, do my homework & go church. 
How lame am i spending the day.

i was researching my horoscope for this year, rat 2010
heres what i found out: kind of freak me out. D:

Many people may have the misconception that when the year 2010 has the same animal sign as Rat are, most likely their luck is going to be worse than usual. This is not the case for Rat this year. This year is going to be filled with good news and opportunities. This is a great time for Rat to transform their dreams into reality - to pursue the dream job, the dream position, the dream salary, the dream business etc. Do not feel that their dreams are out of reach as Rat will get the support, meet the right people and find the appropriate resources that can bring Rat to their goal. Keep their heart and mind open. Remember that no matter how good the stars align for Rat, Rat still have to do their part in order to reap the best out of it. On the other hand, there will be more disputes, arguments, betrayals and misunderstandings than usual in this year. Try to be humble, keep theirself calm and objective at all times. Things will turn out well. Avoid being too stressed out. Watch out for being hospitalized and having surgery and being involved in accidents.

The words i striked are the things i dont want to happen or i'll try to avoid them 
and the things i bolded is the good things. 

gonna go homework now, :D

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