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forever ever ever
Monday, February 1, 2010

Yesterday i went to Footscray festival: lemme explain the whole day i'll try not to make it long.

i left my house @ like 10 or something tbh i cant remember shit.
LOL, met up with tammy, @ footscray then we went to buy wax to wax her legs.
But all the toilets were disgusting in footscray so we decided to go sunshine. 
It was like 11 now. 
We walked to the new plaza, sweating like pigs since it was so hot like +30.
When we arrived we went in the baby changing type of toilets, it was massive and clean. 
So she taught me how to use the liquid waxing thing, like you paste it on your leg then put a wax strip on then pull it off. 
She said it hurts lest, so yeah it was a fun experience. 
It took about 2 hours to finish both of her legs, it was like 2 something & we were suppose to go Cindy's house @ like 1:30 but anyways we took a smartbus to her house. 
Then stayed there for like 20 mins. 
Her parents took us to the festival.

Then we walked around circling the whole footscray area that had stalls, it was so bloody hot man. There was alot of hot asian guys *drools. We saw many people. i got 2 roses for free & one from this guy. LOL, anyways Tammy had a sister that was participating in a charity fashion show. So we watched the whole thing full of pretty vietnamese chicks & some hot older guys. We stood close to the speakers, fuck i think i went deaf man. We stood there for like 30 mins listening to like 100 volume music. Fuck man. 

After that Cindy went home, there was nothing left to do since the place was raining from the hard rain it had before. So me & tammy decided to go home. I took her to Flinders Station the sky looked pretty then, But when i took the train back to Sunshine it went to dark in a short amount of time. So when i got off, i walked to my busstop to check what time it was coming, it was coming in like 20 mins, by then it was freezing cold. Mostly everyone took a taxi home. Yeah felt pretty alone it was like 9:30, but i felt kind of safe since there was a hotish guy that looks tankish sitting not to far from me. When the bus arrived i felt so relieved since my mum probably would be raging when i got home since i had first day back to school the next day. i came home like exactly 10pm, took of my nail polish & make up & ate food since i was starving then went sleep.

My fingers are dead from typing this :!

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