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discovery is the best feeling ever~
Thursday, February 25, 2010

omgosh, recieved my i.d today, fuck yeah so quick well anyways its soooooooooo much better than last years, but the thing that ruins it is the freaken hardcore shine on my forehead, its so freaken annoying and you can see my disgusting pimples, eughhh. But other then that i like it, i wish i had a scanner so i can show you guys the difference to my last year one, like fuck yeah. I got no other words to explain, lmao. 

Oyeahh, and my year level coordinator keeps telling me off for my dress length, like omgoshhhh its just a dress. First we had a uniform check on Monday i think then she said i had 2 days to fix it. I cbf so just showed up all normal, got told off more for not fixing it. I was expecting a detention but i didn't get one, instead i get a letter home. *sighh 
Life, sucks. 

Going camp soon, actually on 22nd of march. Sounds forever but its closer then it seems.
I did some indie music, searching and discovered this talented boy, name Stephen Jerzack, his not that good looking but his songs are cute-as. The background music is by him - 'Cupid Called'.

photography time ;)

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