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at school, being a nerd 8)
Friday, February 26, 2010

Doing poems, which is lamee, and hard as.
Sitting next to Mary, & Lisa.

heres a poem that i have found;

I tell myself, to rise and shine, every morning.
I look at you, wondering Why? every day.
I go to sleep, with tears in my eyes, every night.
I tell myself, to appreciate and smile, every time.
I think of you, and feel sorrow, every morning.
I go to school, knowing you are there, every day.
I see shadows, floating by my eyes, every night.
I tell myself, to forget, I failed, every time.
I wake up, sad and exhausted, every morning.
I look insanely at you, you are with her, every day.
I tell myself, to rest my mind, every night.
I ask myself, who was we? Was it just me?

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