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wowzor :]
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

this morning, i thought it was gonna be my vacation day from going out, it was around 2. Tammy signs on tells me to get my ass in the shower and get ready to go @ hp around 4 but she ended up taking forever to get ready so it like 4:30. I called her she told me to meet her @ footscray then when i arrived i met up with her then we went on the bus to go hp. Oyeah going bus is slower then tram so when we saw the tram we ran off the bus then the tram left, we went back on the bus. Lame, really cant explain but it was funny. When we arrived at highpoint we met up with Kevin, Phillip and Jason. Since it was like 5 o'clock shops started closing down. We went into globalize and tammy found the shirt she wanted in like forever, heres a pic of it.

the stussy one, but the bad thing was it only had one left and it was size 'large'
Gosh, but baggy can be sexy.

Since highpoint is so boring we decided to go city instead, we took tram back to footscray. Meanwhile on the tram. Tammy let me drink her green tea but i didnt realize she unscrewed the cap and i shook it, it went flying everywhere, the drink spilt everywhere on the floor. All in the life time of Thao Nguyen.
heres a pic of our gay legs;

left; me - right; tammy

City was such a waste of time, Most shops was closed when we arrived there. We ate sushi and ate a cheapo cone. Then decided to go back to footscray, then go home i guess.

blog tomorrow :]

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