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new changes yo.
Thursday, January 14, 2010

i changed some things on my blog since its twentyten (2010). i have no idea why i chose to write cakeface maybe i am one maybe i couldnt think of anything else :). i changed each of the lyrics on the tab thingo.

blue tab: Unbelievable - Kaci Brown
green tab: Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
yellow tab: Goodbye to You - Michelle Branch
red/pink tab: Make you Love Me - Kaci Brown

LOL, probably your thinking i never heard of these singers or song. 
Its because im a sad cunt look at the credits for The Hills & The O.C
The songs are really good though, recommend you download it. ;D

Click on the yellow tab, i've removed the cbox chat thing coz noone really chats kind of useless.
I replaced it with a slideshow of my pics from 09', just old memories. 

i'll blog again, sooner or later.

video, of jimmy nguyen rest in peace (F)
if you havent heard he drowned on 29.12.09

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