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is super fucken cute, i cant stand it (8)
Thursday, January 28, 2010

hey, im planning on making a lookbook account with my close friend.
we took some pictures already, i just need to wait for her to send it.
then, hopefully i'll get accepted the day after.

Well anyways, i'm not doing anything today maybe clean.
Last night i bought exercise books for school and contacted it with a transparent dark blue colour which looked better than plain red.
I need 3 more books, english/humanities/science.

I'm gonna go back to school shopping tomorrow.
I'm actually kind of excited to go back to school & become a nerd 8)

incase you were wondering, what was the background song; its
'can't stand it - never shout never'
(christofer drew)

i'm like so obsessed with him at the moment.
heres a part of the interview he did:

Is it hard for you to find girls you like? Like, do you feel like you want to meet girls who don't know who you are?

Christofer: I don't know. Girls are tough! I've pretty much had the same girlfriend up until recently. I haven't really tried to date again just because there is so much going on, but girls are weird. I just want to find a girl that's as weird as me and then we can be weird together. That's my dream – just to find a really strange, weird girl that's attractive and cool. [Laughs]

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