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Monday, January 18, 2010

Today i woke up to see a miss call, and my mum telling me that my friend called like 15 mins before i woke up. Unknown number, gosh i hate that. Well anyways it was like 1 then my friend Cindy called me asking to go St Alban festival, since i had nothing better to do. Got ready then arrived at her house. Then got to the festival it was pretty packed (with asians). LOL, lots of yummy hotties, we had no money like zero. There was so many people we knew there. Cindy asked a whole load of her primary friends and they gave her all together like $7. Since i dont have super begging powers like Cindy, i just let her do the work. We decided to get bubblecup costed $6.50 all together, then went broke again. Got free roses from our lovely friend, Teresa. 

cbf since its late.
blog tomorrow.

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