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australia day :)
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy Australia day!

today, im so tired got only 5 hours of sleep.
I went to sleep like 3 am, woke up @ 8 then received a text from my friend saying we're going at 12 then couldn't go back to sleep.
When we arrived at the city we were hungry as then we decided to eat at some thai shop it was alright, i like the drink the best :D.
Walked around a bit, then went to brighton beach. Gosh i love it there.
But damn the water is so salty and kills your head when it goes in your ears and other places.
The waves are massive, i like i like.
I dont have a pictures atm, i'll prob get it soon. Heres old pics of brighton beach & i saw a lookbook one.

ages, ago

the lookbook one, of brighton beach.

Well anyways, i've started reading this book called 'L.A Candy' 
written by Lauren Conrad, shes my style icon, i love her in her reality show 'The Hills'

chyeah, im up to chapter 12 hopefully i'll finish the book, before i go back to school. 
which is like in 5 days D;

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