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alittias birthday party!, that happened a couple days ago
Thursday, January 14, 2010

For Alittia's birthday we went to 'Plume' restaurant to eat, yummy asian food. It was nice when i realized that we havent been together like in a group since awhile since its summer holidays but one person was missing ):. Then later we spent the day at hp then st kilda beach. We took photobooth pics i would scan it but dont have a scanner :(




i went city like last week or something and took photos in photoplus&photoworld
here it is:

yeah, i think thats all. i need to show you.

hmm, i went out yesterday but didnt take any pics.
i went out with tammy it started around 8am then we went city first talked for like 2 hours.
LOL, she told me the whole story of 'the orphan' that took like 40 mins. 
then we went to hp nothing to do so we just went overload with makeup at 'ice accerories' testers.

We got bored so easily since highpoint is gay so we went to Aeroplane park talked some more.
After that  went to sunshine station about to go friends house but he wasnt home. 
so we just stood there deciding where to go next. 

We saw the Brighton beach bus came and we like we havent been there so let;s gooo.
it was so far we slept on the bus it went right pass the city to a suburb called 'brighton'.
where no asians live, i swear its such a peaceful area. we were the only one on the bus then the last stop came. Brighton fucken awesome beach.

It was so pretty, the sand was clean and it was pretty windy so the waves were pretty big.
St kilda beach suckkkkkks.
But the gay thing was we didnt think we were gonna go  beach. so we bought no extra clothes but my friend had some coz she was sleeping over a friends house after our adventure. The bus ride was like over an hour so we were like we didnt go on this trip for nothing so we just took our jeans off then ran to the waters which was freezing as. The waves kept pushing us, we constantly kept falling it was sooo fun.

well anyways there happens to be a train station right in front of the beach, so loooks like we're gonna take that one to Brighton beach, saves time.
After all that it was like 6pm so we had to go back since my friend was getting picked to friends house at 8 something.
We blow dryed our clothes which kinda failed but i dont regret going in the water at all.
that was definitely highlight of the day, gosh spent 12 hours with tammy (L)
my friend took a pic of me on the beach and the scenery, i'll show you when she sends it..

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