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ten million fireflies (8)
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tomorrow tomorrow, its like 39 degrees so im going to beach with my friends and random guys from another school, LMAO. And i have to sleep early because i hate getting double eyelids makes me look gay );. i pray to god that i wont get sunburnt and my foot turns black instead of my legs, amen. 

oyeah, yesterday went highpoint to help my friend pick something out for her boyfriend, well anyways we went to a couple of shops to try on heels like it feels so comfortable buut the thing is my fucken leg has a ankle tan line its like im wearing socks. Its so white like i would show you a pic but my friends not on. I feel like buying heels next year; only for formal crap though so i dont look to old for my age.

and i'll blog tomorrow unless im really busy 

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