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life without computer & internet = lifeless
Saturday, December 19, 2009

i wont be blogging often well yeah, because my computer totally crashed on me. That bitch is sent away getting fixed i hope it comes back with windows 7 premium that would be yum, at the moment using cousins comp since im a desperate cunt LOL, went to a library filled with indians this morning just to use their freeinternet. My daddy said the computer should be back in a week or so then i would have a life again. (how sad can i get). I need it especially because its holidays & i needa contact people asking them to go out, since i can go out whenever. My phone is creditless, i dont think i'll be getting credit soon because i needa save my money since im a poorarse.

Well anyways needa blog about yesterday's outing;
destination: sandras house, sunshine station, highpoint - watched paranormal activity - asian resteraunt- home

Yesterday was a fun as day; woked up at like 7:30 since my friend text me like @ 7 and the ringtone was really annoying me. The rest is prettty boring, and i dont wanna bore you guys. I'll make it simplier' dot points ftw!
~ watched paranormal activity
LOL cant even remember i'll just show you pics

giselle & me - using mac in myers (H)

giselle & cindy & me

retards ;)

our nails:
giselle; red&black
my one; yellow
cindy: the french manicure ( fake nails one )

LOL my face is like demented

being posers

Using myers makeup testers because we're cheap

oyeah byebye to my friend Sandra who went vietnam this morning/ safe trip darling
& this new video of never shout never song 'What is Love?

What Is Love?

nevershoutnever. (new song & video)

its a pro song ;D
i dont remember what i was about to post about anymore

i'll post when i remember or asap

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