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i will forgive you but i want to forget you :P
Tuesday, December 8, 2009


got lazy yesterday so didnt blog, 
hmm have u ever experienced chewing gum stuck in your hair? well i have its suicide man.
It happened to me when i was watching new moon; the movie went by like 20 mins then i started touching my hair and omfg there was a chewing gum stuck in it which came out of my friends mouth. LOL, so i went to the hoyts food & drinks counter thing then they were all like stoners staring at it. She decided to put soda water in it because apparently it gets all the sticky stuff out. Well it did and she just snipped off a lil bit of my hair, no big difference. *sighhh so much things happen. Freakin footscray is a freaky station with druggies and shifty people. like me and my friend got so scared and started freaking out that we went wrong train then we have to get off but lucky it was still light even if it was around 8.
Thats all i can remember LOL, i suck :D

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