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i need to find you, the song inside of me (8)
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how do i start. hmmm well its still boiling hot and im so dead. Today i woke up early like 9:45 had to call my friend, LOL being her alarm & we went to sunshine station to meet other friends. In the train to the city was alright because their was seats but then D;. Went on the tram to St Kilda like suicide bro. Freaken so sweaty in there everyone was like all cramped up, and it like a 20 mins ride to get there. When we finally got to the beach the water felt nice because it was cold, and our friend this guy freaken grabs our legs and stuff make us fall in the water when we didnt even bring spare clothes. LOL but it was very fun, wasted money on drinks & ice cream.

I wanna go beach now but meh. So tired

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