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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

today today; where should i start.

well the day begun like normal but had double period of maths D:

it was such a drainer, but my friend bought the 2009 year book to class. 

Spent most of the time looking @ it and checking out whose the hottest/cutest in each class (boys one). lmao

Then we had double humanities was in the computer room for the entire time working on our  school blogs; http://209028cccc.edublogs.org/, click to see it :)

after that we had a class party not much dancing happening just people standing around a table eating food D:.

oyeahs totally forgot to tell you readers; 

there's this real documentary called 'paranormal activity' i would give u link but i dont wanna see it. 

My friend Giselle watched it already and she told us the whole story. 

most scary shit i have heard lately.

i am such a retard i kept saying i was processed by a demon, LOL 

the other day i went to friends house after school and we were walking in this alleyway to the milkbar. We saw syringes on the way but the scary thing was there was this graffiti on the fence of a star symbol and underneath it said 666. It was something related to what Giselle said so we started freaking out. Then i realised my birthday is on 6/6/96 so i was like fucken three 6's. Now they call me demon/devil and i cant sleep properly @ night anymore. 

thanks for reading this shit. :)

ps: listen to justin bieber's music especially favorite girl and one less lonely girl

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